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FAQ For Vendors
FAQ For Vendors
Can you tell me more about the location?

When we secured a site to operate our artisans market, we made sure our location would be top-notch and will have lots of foot traffic. Our market is located right by the Hollywood walk of fame that attracts over 10 million visitors yearly and less than one block away from the famed Hollywood Farmers market, which attracts over 5,000 attendees every Sunday morning to shop at the outdoor market. We are sure the attendees to the farmers market will participate and enjoy our arts and crafts market as well.

Are the events outdoors?


How many vendors are there typically at an event?

Approximately 50 – 75.

What is the breakdown of your vendors?
  • 15-20 apparel vendors
  • 7-10 jewelry vendors
  • 7-10 accessories vendors
  • 10-15 arts, crafts vendors
  • 10-15 home decor vendors
  • 7-10 skin care products
  • 2-4 CBD products
  • 2-5 Pet supplies vendors
  • 2-6 Pins vendors
How do you advertise to get the word out?
Social media influencers, radio ads, street signs and billboards.
What is the mission of the market?
To provide artisans and local small businesses an amazing platform to showcase their goods and connect with the buyers. We operate bi-weekly in the Hollywood area at 1715 North Chuenga Blvd, Los Angeles CA
How do I sign up and what is the process?

Very simple, fill out the application online and we will review your application. If approved, you will receive a welcome email including a vendors handbook and a link to submit your payment. Once payment is received we will send over your designated spot in the market.

Do vendors keep 100% of the sales?


How do you designate spots for your vendors?

We will try our best to accommodate each vendor with a spot where they can feel and be themselves and succeed, which is our secret sauce.

Do you provide electricty or water?
Unfortunately, no.
What should vendors bring?
A white 10X10 tent, a table folding chair and your goods.
Can a vendor share their booth?
Yes. Please contact us for more information.
Are there restrooms on the premises?
Is admission free for the attendees?
Welcome to Booth.

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